Not quite a throwback Thursday but diving through the archives with all the talk of F1 2017 car launches, on this day nine years ago Ferrari revealed the F2008 alongside Felipe Massa and defending world champion Kimi Raikkonen.

Ferrari entered 2008 as defending world drivers' and constructors' champions, running the #1 plate for the first time since Michael Schumacher's Ferrari era, and launched its F2008 in front of assembled media at its Fiorano base.

Despite its relatively early launch - almost two months before the 2008 F1 season opener - Massa was keen for the Italian manufacturer to step up development in preparation for the charge from its rivals including McLaren, BMW-Sauber and Renault.

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Massa calls for Ferrari to be ready - First published 6th January 2008

Felipe Massa appeared impatient at the launch of the new Ferrari F2008, aware that the Scuderia will come under renewed pressure from its rivals from the first race of the season in Australia.

Although the Prancing Horse took both titles in 2007, the Brazilian knows that it cannot afford to rest on its laurels for long, with the likes of McLaren, BMW-Sauber and, if Fernando Alonso has anything to do with it, Renault all likely to be snapping at its heels from the opening day in Melbourne.

"Seeing the car for the first time is like welcoming a boy into a family," Massa said. "But now it is important to work to make him grow in the best way.

"The first impression of the car is that it is really beautiful, just like every other Ferrari, but that is not enough. The looks are important, but the performance and the reliability are even more important.

"The team has to work to make the car immediately fast and reliable. We have to do some more work on it before the first race and we want to check its performance before we make any further comments."

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