Damon Hill is calling on the UK government to help ensure the British Grand Prix remains on the F1 calendar after it emerged Silverstone could lose the race after 2019.

It comes after British Racing Drivers' Club chairman John Grant circulated a letter to members suggesting consideration should be taken to activating its break clause or else it could put the venue at 'potentially ruinous risk'.

Hill, who was actually president of the British Racing Drivers' Club when it signed the current 17-year deal with F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone back in 2009, believes now is the time for the government to step in and assist as is common in other countries and with other major UK sporting events.

"This is a much-loved national event but, for whatever reason, it has always been very difficult to get additional funding from government," Hill told Press Association sport.

"Maybe now is the time to look at the British Grand Prix in the context of what is happening elsewhere and realise that it is an extremely good shop window for waving our banner and pointing to our brilliance in this field."

"When you think about post-Brexit Britain, you must wonder if this is exactly the type of thing we need to invest in to show off what we can do," he added.

Speaking to ITV News, Hill also said the FIA could do more as well.

"The FIA have got a responsibility to help promote the circuits and could do more in terms of cash. The owners of Silverstone have done a great job in carrying the load, but no one is making any money," underlined the 1996 F1 World Champion.

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