Sebastian Vettel has single-handedly wrestled back the Race of Champions Nations' title for Team Germany after his team-mate Pascal Wehrlein was ruled out after a heavy shunt during the drivers' competition on Saturday.

The four-time F1 world champion recorded Team Germany's seventh win in the ROC Nations Cup with a flawless performance at Miami's Marlins Park where he won every single race to whitewash his way to the title.

What made Vettel's feat more impressive was he had to compete on his own in the Nations Cup after countryman Wehrlein was ruled out on medical grounds after his crash with Felipe Massa in the individual competition which saw the German flip his car and land upside down wedge on the safety barriers.

The new Sauber F1 driver confirmed he felt fine and is in no danger of missing the start of the 2017 F1 world championship but took the advice of doctors to sit out Sunday's action.

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At the end of the Nations Cup Vettel left unbeaten, trumping Team USA NASCAR's squad of Kurt and Kyle Busch in the final. After struggling in the Drivers Cup, Vettel was thrilled to rectify his form the day after albeit it an enforced individual competition through the absence of Wehrlein.

"The Race Of Champions is a great competition, but yesterday I went out very early," Vettel said. "So I wanted to make sure I didn't leave the States empty-handed. I started on the wrong foot but it helped me to take it a bit more seriously. Today I just wanted to get some more time on the track. I found the rhythm straightaway and it felt pretty good.

"Unlike yesterday, I got along with all the cars today. But that's the way it goes: sometimes you wake up and it works, sometimes it doesn't. It obviously worked out well but of course it would have been nicer to share this victory with Pascal."

On Saturday, Race of Champions rookie Juan Pablo Montoya won the Drivers Cup having beaten Tom Kristensen in the final.

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