Alex Zanardi says Formula One today is "a bit too boring" and has blamed draconian penalties for spoiling the show.

The Italian, who raced in F1 with Jordan, Minardi, Lotus and Williams during a sporadic F1 career, had both of his legs amputated following a horrific accident whilst racing in the CART series at Germany's Lausitzring in September 2001, but since then has gone on to win multiple Paralympic medals.

"Formula One today? A bit too boring," he said this week in an interview with La Gazetta dello Sport. "Today the stars are the stewards."

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"People all remember me for the on-the-limit pass I made at the corkscrew in Laguna Seca in 1996 [while in CART]. Today such a manoeuvre would be impossible [in F1]," he lamented. "It would be immediately punished by the race director.

"The rules have changed and so have the cars. In the 1990s, the tyres and the power put on display the drivers' abilities. The drivers of my generation were artists behind the wheel.

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"There are many talented drivers now, but they are so severely punished for any overtaking or moves that are vaguely risky that they are afraid of the penalties. They have lost the will to take risks.

"The show suffers as a result."

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