Johnny Herbert says he can't see Nico Rosberg ever reversing his decision to retire from Formula One - and that he would probably have also quit the sport had he won the F1 World title.

Rosberg announced he would not defend his crown just days after clinching it, but while some have predicted he will regret it - with former F1 winner Gerhard Berger suggesting in two or three years he will get bored and will return - Herbert is not so sure.

"I was not as shocked or surprised as many others [when Rosberg announced his retirement]," said the Sky Sports F1 pundit and ex-F1 racer in an interview with Badger GP.

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"I don't know because it never happened to me, but I think I was that type of character as well. My goal was always to win the world championship, so I probably would have been quite similar.

"He's going to have a bit of time with the family [now], and then he might in a couple of years go and have a go at Le Mans, or DTM. I think he's done with Formula One, though; I don't see him coming back."

Herbert also pointed out just how much it had taken out of Rosberg battling with Hamilton for the title in 2014, 2015 and 2016.

"The biggest thing I saw in Abu Dhabi - and I can't remember whether it was after the race or on the podium - was he looked absolutely shattered. Mentally and physically shattered.

"Sometimes we've been a bit critical when he won a race because we didn't see the emotion, but it was brilliant to actually see the way he went about the achievement."

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