Lewis Hamilton admits it will be 'interesting' to discover how his burgeoning rivalry with new Mercedes F1 team-mate Valtteri Bottas will transpire as they prepare for their first season together in the same team.

Replacing retired champion Nico Rosberg, Bottas got his first taste of Mercedes machinery with a handful of laps for filming in the brand-new W08 at a damp and very windy Silverstone, hours after Hamilton turned in his first laps too.

With many curious to see how the new partnership will play out after Hamilton endured a famously fractious relationship with Rosberg throughout their time together at Mercedes, the three-time champion himself admits he is keen to see how he and the Finn will work together.

"Valtteri's fresh and new ideas and experiences will add to the great foundation we already have as a team. I don't know Valtteri very well, I see him at the race track every now and then and I bump into each other on the parade or in the drivers' briefing, that has been it, we've always had pleasant short discussions.

"Ultimately there is no competition between us at the moment so it is purely on a gentleman discussion. When he sees me at my most intense moment and vice-versa it will be an interesting scenario for us and something interesting for us to discover where those strengths and weaknesses are."

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"He probably wants to beat me as much as I want to beat him which is natural and I wouldn't expect anything but the best from him. I want him to be his best."

Bottas' arrival comes as Mercedes start from a 'clean slate' with new regulations dictated by changes to the technical specifications, with Hamilton saying he relishes the challenge..

"It is like it all starts again. A clean slate this year and almost a new formula. That is a challenge for the team, challenge for me and who can exploit the car the best, who can be most consistent, who can be quickest out of the gates. I love that challenge every single year and if another driver is doing it better than me I love the challenge of trying to catch up and how do I do a better job than that."

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