Carlos Sainz says he is excited to get behind the wheel of the Toro Rosso STR12 after the covers were pulled off to reveal a car with similar design traits to the Mercedes W08.

Toro Rosso became the tenth and final team to unveil its 2017 F1 contender, revealing a striking new livery and an eye-catching interpretation for the latest technical regulations.

Looking visibly similar to the Mercedes W08 revealed earlier in the week - particularly as the only other car not to feature a 'thumb' nose -, Sainz says he is rather surprised to see Toro Rosso come away as the team sharing the most traits to the dominant manufacturer of the last three years.

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"We first need to try it and compare it to others and see the stopwatch a bit, more in the second week of testing, but at least the car looks similar to the one which had been winning all the races so it gives me confidence and a good feeling.

"I think Toro Rosso has shown in recent years if it knows how to something it is aerodynamics so hopefully we'll use this change of regulations for our benefit and we can profit from it.

Returning to the Renault fold in 2017, Sainz is confident Toro Rosso has created a car that will see him well inside the top ten their season.

"I think Toro Rosso can be confident" he said. "Over the past three years Toro Rosso has shown it can do good aerodynamics and with all the new regulations coming up I have confidence in the team we can create a good base, probably not win the championship I am not asking for that, but I want a weapon that allows us to get into the top ten.

"That is what I expect and hope for. Then on developments this year I know there is going to be big developments and I can really hope we can hold on to it, as we were not able to last year with the engine compromise."



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