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New F1 Motorsport director Ross Brawn fears Mercedes will re-establish an even greater advantage over its rivals this season because the sport hasn't followed the 'right principles' with the latest regulation changes.

F1 heads into the 2017 season having overhauled the technical regulations in reaction criticism there is too much emphasis on frugality with the latest generation V6 Hybrid power units and concerns the cars are too easy to drive.

With Mercedes dominating for the last three seasons, it is hoped the bi-product of the aerodynamic tweaks will give teams like Red Bull and Ferrari an opportunity to make sizeable gains to increase competition.

However, Brawn fears the contrary will become apparent, allowing Mercedes - who itself argued against a change of regulations because it felt the sport was naturally evolving into a leveller playing field - now have its own opportunity to produce a more dominant package with the W08.

"We expose ourselves whenever we make changes like this," he told Sky Sports F1. "Fingers crossed, it is going to work out but l think it is a good example of where we didn't go through the right principles to begin with. And if this was a principle to stop Mercedes winning, you could argue the exact contrary.

"A team that strong and with that resource will relish change. It was na?ve to think it would destabilise Mercedes. If anything it gave them an advantage."

Discussing the prospect of amending the format of a race weekend, Brawn is reluctant to make instant changes, but teases a non-championship race could be a simple way to bolster excitement.

"I'm a bit nervous about that. When we change format we have to be very sure we have it right. My dream is a non-championship race once a year so that we could try a different format in that race.

"A non-championship race would enable us to vary the format and try something different - and evolve it. You can't take the risk of swapping a format in a championship race and not getting it right."

TAP HERE for LIVE text commentary of the first pre-season F1 test of 2017

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