Red Bull Racing chief Christian Horner thinks it will take Formula 1 some time to truly realise Bernie Ecclestone's achievements and contribution following his exit as CEO in January.

Ecclestone was axed from his role after Liberty Media completed its takeover of F1, with American executive Chase Carey taking over as the sport's ringmaster.

The post-Ecclestone era began in Barcelona earlier this week with the start of pre-season testing ahead of the 2017 season, with an early change being a relaxation of social media restrictions for teams.

Horner said that it would be "strange" not having Ecclestone in the paddock, but is encouraged by Liberty's plans to grow F1 and make it more accessible.

"What [Ecclestone] has done for the sport is quite incredible and I think it will probably take a little bit of time for that realisation to sink in what he actually has achieved," Horner said.

"I think the encouraging things about the new owners are they are very focused on what they want Formula 1 to be in terms of an entertainment, in terms of a sporting spectacle and they seem very keen to embrace ideas to make the sport more accessible and to make it more entertaining.

"We're certainly looking forward to hearing their plans and understanding their plans as they move forward."

Horner is set to attend a meeting with Liberty to discuss plans soon, and believes there are areas where immediate changes can be made to improve F1.

"I think there is a meeting in the next couple of weeks for an initial discussion to take place," Horner said.

"I think in immediacy what we can see is that Formula 1 will perhaps be made slightly more accessible.

"We've seen a relaxation of social media regulations, so I'm sure you've seen more content out online, but in terms of the product, the product is what it is for this year and probably the next couple of years.

"I think what we're interested in is further down the line is what are Liberty's plans? What are Ross Brawn's thoughts on what Formula 1 should be moving forward?

"There's a Formula E championship that's growing that has got technology in it, but Formula 1 I believe is about entertainment, about drivers, should be about operating at the absolute limit and should as a result be putting on a great show."

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