Lewis Hamilton says he's enjoyed working alongside new Mercedes team-mate Valtteri Bottas during the opening week of pre-season testing and admires the Finn's sole focus on the track and 'there are no games'.

The three-time F1 world champion welcomed Bottas with open arms to Mercedes after the shock announcement by Nico Rosberg to retire just days after clinching the F1 world title from Hamilton in Abu Dhabi.

Mercedes has employed the driver policy of giving both Hamilton and Bottas alternate half days in the WO8 which has seen the pair work closely with one another.

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Hunting for a fourth F1 world title this season, Hamilton says he's found Bottas refreshing after his frosty relationship with ex-team-mate Rosberg as the pair clashed throughout their time together at Mercedes.

The British driver says he's been impressed by his Finnish counterpart's immediate pace with Mercedes having switched from Williams and feels they have formed a strong partnership - one already better than with any of his former team-mates, according to Hamilton.

"He is very witty and comes out with some very funny things - which you would not really expect from a Finn," Hamilton told Formula1.com. "What I so far like about working with Valtteri is that it is all to do with the track - what we do on the circuit - and not outside.

"There are no games - there is complete transparency. I like that. I feel we already have a better working relationship than I ever had with any team mate I had before."

After Hamilton recently had a shrug off comments surrounding data sharing, something he says he's always been against in F1, the British driver says he's happy to help Bottas learn at Mercedes in order to be fully prepared for the 2017 season opener in Australia in less than a month.

"He wants to do the best thing that he can in his first year with the team," he said. "And with me being here for quite a while now, I want to deliver and make sure that I give as much information so that he will learn. And we do our talking on the track."

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