LIVE text commentary of the second pre-season F1 test of 2017

Guenther Steiner has revealed the Haas F1 Team is no closer to finding consistency with its Brembo brakes as it continues to evaluate whether to switch supplier.

The American team was dogged by persistent issues with its Brembo-supplied brakes during its first season of F1 racing, prompting the unprecedented decision to trial Carbon Industrie brakes during the penultimate round in Brazil.

Despite this, Haas heads into 2017 persevering with Brembo on the VF17, with Steiner admitting they are still working on getting them to Romain Grosjean's particular liking.

"It is not getting better at the moment," Steiner said. "We are very much the same as the last time he [Romain] was in the car last week, Friday. At the moment we don't have a solution for him, we need to wait a little bit longer so we have to be patient and he has to be patient.

"But we are working on it, we are not ignoring it, but things take time. In general, his biggest problem today was understeer, so we have to work on that one."

Saying the inconsistencies stem from the variance in the different brakes it fits, Steiner is frustrated that the uncertainty is preventing the drivers from gaining confidence in the VF17.

"We have sometimes a brake which we are really happy with and the drivers are really happy with and then we get a set which we are not happy with. You lose a lot of time because it's not only to change it, the driver loses the confidence and then when you put the next one on he needs to get into a state again that he's confident with what he gets.

"I would say it throws the driver off his focus when the brake doesn't work consistent, he's like 'oh is it coming back'. Especially, Romain is very sensible to brakes so it its always an issue."

Though Steiner confirmed it will not use CI brakes during this test, he says there is scope to trial them again at a race going forward.