The returning Paul Ricard circuit could be utilised for pre-season testing in 2018 so as to make use of the its unique wet surface facilities and capitalise on Pirelli's own intimate knowledge of the venue.

F1 has just completed 8 days of pre-season testing ahead of the 2017 season at the Circuit de Catalunya, with the Spanish venue preferred by teams for its balmy winter temperatures and logistical ease of access.

However, shortcomings in exclusively hosting tests in Spain were exposed when Pirelli attempted to create a wet weather test by dousing the circuit in water in an effort to simulate conditions for extreme wet and intermediate tyre use.

Raising questions as to why Paul Ricard - which features state-of-the-art sprinkler facilities to dampen the circuit - was not used, Isola reveals it could put forward a proposal to conduct a portion of next year's tests there as a result.

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"We use Paul Ricard a lot for testing, like GT and GP2, as well as wet testing," said Pirelli motorsport boss Isola. "We know this circuit well and we are happy to go there but if you are talking about pre-season tests, the weather could be worse."

The case for testing in Paul Ricard is strengthened by team preferences for using circuits featured on the F1 calendar as a reference for data. Paul Ricard returns to the schedule in 2018 as host for the revived French Grand Prix.

Pirelli's wet weather test was supposed to run for a full day, but only a handful of laps were completed by teams at peak wet conditions (at the start of the morning session and afternoon) as warm temperatures dried the circuit rapidly.

Despite this, Pirelli's Paul Hembery is confident the firm has acquired enough data to allow it to make modifications to the 25 per cent larger 2017 specification tyres.

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