Red Bull Racing boss Christian Horner has urged new F1 owners Liberty Media to pay particular attention to attracting younger fans to the sport, saying the drivers need to be presented as 'heroes' to new generation supporters.

F1 has suffered in recent years as dwindling audience figures take their toll, with cars that are easier to drive, more muted noise levels, rising ticket prices and a shift towards a more restrictive pay TV model identified as key reasons for the dip in popularity.

It is a trend Liberty Media, which completed its F1 buyout from CVC in January, is keen to reverse during its first months in charge and is currently devising plans to extend the sport's appeal to new fans, as well as retain its loyal audience.

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For Horner, the priority is reaching out to the next generation of potential fans and working harder to engage them through new mediums and promotion.

Suggesting drivers need to be seen as 'heroes' and 'characters' for young fans to look up to, Horner also urged Liberty Media to distribute F1 over broader platforms to tap into shift towards 'catch up' services.

"We need to do more with a younger audience," he said. "The way that people watch TV and watch sport and entertainment these days is different to just available channels on television. You've only got to go on a train these days to see the amount of content that people are looking at on their telephones etc. and it's finding that medium of how to reach the younger generation, the younger viewers, while also retaining the principles that remain true to Formula 1."

"Can we do a better job with the product? Yes, absolutely, and hopefully the plans that are in the pipeline for the future will only improve the show further and further. We need the drivers to be the stars, the drivers to be the heroes, to be aspirational and to be able to understand their characters and personalities through the media tools that are available."

Horner also dismisses the assertion MotoGP can rival F1 in terms of attracting younger fans, dismissing its much smaller figures.

"I would dispute that because MotoGP figures pale into insignificance compared to Formula 1, so it shows there is a very strong demand there."

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Reflecting on the criticism levelled at Red Bull during its four title winning streak between 2010 and 2013, Horner denies the team is as responsible for the drop in figures as Mercedes' dominance has been for the last three seasons.

"I think audiences in an awful lot of sports have decreased over the last couple of years. I think that obviously we've had incredible dominance the last few years where there has been serial winning.

"Now, Red Bull got accused of that between 2010 and 2013 but two of those championships involved other teams, with Alonso going down to the very last race and 2010 there was four drivers capable of winning that championship."

Liberty Media has already indicated its desire to make F1 more accessible by allowing teams to record videos during F1 testing, a regulation that was strictly enforced under the stewardship of former boss Ecclestone.

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