FIA President Jean Todt has reiterated once more than Formula 1 will never return to the days of V8 or V10 power because it has a 'bigger responsibility' to ensure it remains relevant to road car manufacturers.

The 71 year-old has been a staunch advocate for the current V6 Hybrid formula, introduced to F1 in 2014, despite ongoing criticism that they are too expensive to develop and purchase, and don't provide the spectacle of previous generation V8 and V10 engines.

With new F1 commercial rights holders Liberty Media suggesting these are concerns they want to address sooner rather than later, Todt has poured cold water on the idea of the FIA allowing the sport to revert back to the larger, less efficient engines on the grounds of spectacle because it doesn't reflect the 'social responsibility' he believes F1 should spearhead on behalf of competing manufacturers.

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"We have an engine at the moment which is apparently what the manufacturers want, and Formula 1 is seen to be in accord with what the motor industry is developing," he told media during the Australian Grand Prix weekend.

"Do you think in the future that is still going to be something that is critical, that Formula 1 is still seen to have a social responsibility to be following what road cars are doing or to lead road car technology?

"It will be wider, motorsport should be road responsibility and Formula 1 being the pinnacle of motorsport, has an even bigger responsibility."

Dismissing the subsequent suggestion that F1 would go all-electric to reflect the growing shift across the road car industry towards alternative methods of power, Todt says F1 will continue to be 'conventional' but will never devolve.

"I think we are considering introducing [fuel cells] in some category of motor sport in the future. But if we speak about Formula One, Formula One will still be run with the more conventional engine. That does not mean we are intending to go back to what we were running ten years ago. That will never happen."

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