Max Verstappen has admitted he isn't coming away from the opening round of the 2017 F1 season feeling 'disappointed' with Red Bull's performance because he'd already tempered expectations from pre-season testing.

Red Bull Racing endured a tough Melbourne opener in the context of heightened expectations following a change in technical regulations to shift emphasis onto the chassis competitiveness and aerodynamic efficiency.

Though considered an area of strength for Red Bull in the past, the RB13 nevertheless lacked the pace of its direct Ferrari and Mercedes rivals with Verstappen qualifying 1.3secs adrift of the top spot en route to a lonely race to fifth.

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Regardless, the Dutchman refused to be disappointed with his weekend, even if he admits this is largely because he was under no illusions following an indifferent pre-season testing period.

"To be honest I'm not disappointed because from day one I never made any illusions, I was not dreaming of becoming even better because you never know. I went into the season very neutral and then as soon as we started testing I could see that we didn't have the pace, so for me it was very clear that we weren't going to be that competitive in the beginning of the year. So it's not like I'm really disappointed now, because I could see it coming."

Pressed on where he felt the Renault-powered RB13 was lacking, Verstappen refused to pin the blame on the technical niggles experienced on the engine side for the deficit.

It's still not enough," he said referring to the engine. "It's maybe better [but] we also need to improve on that [chassis] side. I'm not blaming everything on the chassis, at the moment it's a bit of a combination, because if you're lacking power you try to make a more efficient car which means you can't run as much downforce as the other teams."

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