Lewis Hamilton has revealed he will be working more closely with his team to avoid the strategic error that potentially cost him victory in the Australian Grand Prix as Mercedes looks to immediately bounce back against Ferrari in this weekend's Chinese Grand Prix.

For only the ninth time in 61 races stretching back to the start of the 2014 season, Mercedes was denied victory in Melbourne after Ferrari's Sebastian Vettel leapfrogged Hamilton through the pit-stops and cruised home to the chequered flag.

Though Mercedes and Hamilton would concede it didn't have the raw pace of its rivals in Australia, Hamilton's unusually early pit-stop to change tyres - six laps before his rival - was identified as a key factor in being defeated by Vettel, particularly after getting bottled up behind Max Verstappen on his return to the track.

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It is this strategic misstep that has led to Hamilton to devise a new working practice between himself and his engineers to communicate better and ensure it avoids similar errors.

"They give you the information and you have to use it to help yourself forward," he said. "I think moving forward we're going to be working closer than ever as a team to work away... just so we can work better. So better information from me, better information from them, and so that we have to plan as a team. Rather than taking decisions on my own we do it collectively.

"We'll find a way of doing that, and that's a process that we'll work on in the next races and yeah they have a global view of what's happening in the race, I don't know what's happening behind me, or ten cars behind as what they do.

"But they don't know how the tyres feel, or how hard I'm pushing or how hard I'm not pushing, how much I'm saving the tyres and how much I'm saving fuel, and how much faster can I go. Those are things they don't know. And finding a real smart way of being able to let them know and for me to inform them that what's under control is not under control."

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Regardless, Hamilton insists Ferrari was the deserving winner in Australia and is keen to see how the battle unfolds around the Shanghai International Circuit.

"Ferrari won it," he continued. "They did the better job. It wasn't ours to lose, it was both of us to win and they did the job at the end of the day. For sure you can always go back to lots of variables and say that if you'd done this differently you could win, but that's hindsight and we don't really know what would've happened.

"So I think they've won it fair and square and perhaps the thing that makes it exciting is that their car is strong in certain areas and our car is stronger in certain areas. And again I think that's going to make the season exciting hopefully."

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