Formula One Group sporting chief Ross Brawn believes that a more open approach to data sharing is required in Formula 1 in order to improve the experience for fans and make the sport easier to understand.

Brawn was appointed into a newly-created sporting role with the commercial rights holder following Liberty Media's takeover of F1 in January, working alongside chairman Chase Carey and commercial chief Sean Bratches.

Brawn has been tasked with making changes on the sporting side to make F1 more entertaining and more accessible to fans, and believes that removing the secrecy surrounding data will help on both fronts.

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"If we cross that barrier [of secrecy], to make all that information available, I think the large chunk of enthusiasts would really enjoy seeing all that, both live and retrospectively," Brawn told The Times.

"We know they need to beat each other but can we cross that barrier and say what we want is a much bigger business and, if we all [share data], nobody is going to be disadvantaged or advantaged.

"If you walk in the middle of the race, you need to be able to pick it up within a short space of time. That's very difficult to do at the moment, with pit stops and tyre strategies.

"If you didn't follow the race and walked in in the middle of it - and that's your first engagement with the race - you should be able to work out fairly quickly what's going on, who's where.

"So we need to create the capacity for fans to do that."

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