Fernando Alonso says he expected an indifferent reception from the Formula 1 paddock on his switch to Indy 500 and to miss the Monaco Grand Prix and gives a sly dig to those against the move.

The two-time F1 world champion made shockwaves across the motorsport world after announcing he would miss the Monaco Grand Prix in order to make his debut in the Indianapolis 500 in a deal between Andretti, McLaren and Honda.

Alonso, who is hoping to win the Indy 500 in order to claim part two of a potential Triple Crown, says he knew some figures in the F1 paddock would be vocally against the idea.

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Nico Hulkenberg, who ran a dual F1 and Le Mans campaign in 2015, says he'd never do what Alonso did and miss an F1 race for another event, while Red Bull boss Christian Horner also questioned the announcement in Bahrain.

Alonso has shrugged off these comments and hinted other teams might be jealous about the renewed media coverage at something they may also would have secretly wanted to do.

"We talked about it [the reaction] before the announcement and we knew all the drivers would say they would never skip a Grand Prix for Indy," Alonso said. "Also the team principals would say they would never allow one of their driver to do that either.

"That's a normal reaction because this weekend the media is focused on this story about Indy, their sponsors would like to do Indy, the journalists want to go to Indy too, so it's normal the other teams are not happy about that."

Alonso will now split his time between the upcoming two F1 races in Russia and Spain and his preparations for the Indy 500 ahead of the 101st running of the event on the 28th May.

McLaren has confirmed Jenson Button will step in for Alonso at the Monaco Grand Prix alongside Stoffel Vandoorne.

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