The FIA has officially revealed it will continue in its pursuit to incorporate greater levels of cockpit protection to F1 cars after confirming plans to forge ahead with a so-called 'Shield' concept with a view to a 2018 introduction.

With prototype designs shown to drivers during the Chinese Grand Prix, though the device received a mixed response, teams have agreed during the latest meeting of the Strategy Group to pursue testing and development with an eye on introduction for 2018.

This is in line with original plans devised during last season, though those were original based around the 'Halo' concept, which is understood to have been canned.

The 'Shield' plans are just one of several items discussed and agreed in Paris today, with teams agreeing to 'strictly limit' the incorporation of 'fins' and T-wings after being criticised for their aesthetics following the concerted push to make the 2017 cars more aggressive and attractive.

Other major changes include the decision to allow non-member teams to be invited to meetings, seen as a way of loosening the grip on the regulation decisions by manufacturer and big budget teams, as well standing starts being implemented after a red flag period


The full statement from the FIA is detailed below:

Following the meetings of the F1 Strategy Group and Commission in Paris today (25 April), changes to the sporting and technical regulations have been agreed.

A constructive meeting of the F1 Strategy Group and F1 Commission took place today (25 April) in Paris, with all members in attendance including FIA President Jean Todt and, for the first time, Chase Carey, CEO of Formula One Group.

Below is a summary of what was discussed:
Strategy Group
Representatives from the non-member teams will now be invited to meetings of the F1 Strategy Group as observers, demonstrating the effective commitment of both the FIA and the Commercial Rights Holder to improve transparency in the sport.
Driver names and numbers
From Barcelona (12-14 May 2017) onwards, the sporting regulations will be strictly enforced to ensure that visibility of drivers' names and numbers on the cars will be clearer.
Sporting and technical changes
There have been some corrections and additions to the technical and sporting regulations for 2018, which will now be passed to the World Motor Sport Council for approval:

- Changes in the regulation boxes around the engine cover have been made so that designs incorporating the 't-wing' and 'shark fin' will be strictly limited

- Measures will be taken to ensure that oil will not be used as fuel. In addition, only one specification of oil may be used for any given power unit during an event

- Pirelli will be allowed to develop 2018 wet weather tyre compounds using previous specifications of cars and wheel dimensions

- In the event of a red flag period during a race, the race will be resumed from a standing start

- A number of more integrated solutions for additional frontal protection have been studied, and the decision has been taken to give priority to the transparent 'Shield' family of systems. The FIA aims to carry out track tests of this system during this season in preparation for implementation in 2018

The next round of the 2017 Formula 1 World Championship takes place in Sochi this weekend with the Russian Grand Prix.



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