Romain Grosjean continued to suffer brake issues with his Haas Formula 1 car during practice for the Russian Grand Prix on Friday despite a change in supplier ahead of the weekend in Sochi.

Since making its F1 debut at the start of 2016, Haas has been blighted by brake issues on a regular basis, prompting the team to switch from Brembo to Carbon Industrie for Russia after a successful test in Bahrain.

Despite the change, Grosjean continued to struggle under braking during FP1 and FP2 on Friday at the Sochi Autodrom, finishing the second session 14th-fastest and almost three seconds off the best time.

"The car balance wasn't great, I wasn't happy all day long with it," Grosjean explained. "We had some issues with the brake as well on the long-run, with the brake pads going. I think we can sort that out, we've got some ideas, but generally the car didn't perform at all.

"We have had issues and completely lost the retardation of the brake on the long runs, so the pedal went long and the brake didn't brake any more, so it wasn't very good. On top of that, we just had no performance."

While the team is evaluating whether to move back to Brembo brakes, Grosjean suggested that it should keep working with the Carbon Industrie parts in a bid to get around the issues.

"Formula 1 is all about finding the last fine tuning," Grosjean said. "We've got better recently, we were very happy with the Carbon Industrie in Bahrain. Here we are struggling a bit more.

"But again, it's the first day and we need to work around to get them better."

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