Fernando Alonso heads into this weekend's Russian Grand Prix with little confidence in his Honda Formula 1 power unit, saying the Japanese manufacturer will next bring a major update in Canada in June.

McLaren's start to the 2017 season has been hamstrung by a number of issues with Honda's power unit, which despite undergoing a change in layout has offered a dip in reliability and performance compared to last year.

Stoffel Vandoorne will drop 15 places on the grid in Russia after exceeding the power unit component limit for the entire season in just four races, while Alonso doubts anything will change on the reliability front until an update arrives from Sakura.

"We've had a lot of retirements so far this season, and now we also have problems in practice, so that doesn't give us a lot of confidence," Alonso said. "The car is exactly as it was in Bahrain, so if we had problems there, we'll have them here, in Barcelona and in Monaco...

"I haven't heard any information about upgrades, maybe I have to get better information from Honda. I haven't heard anything about it, until Canada we won't get anything new, because it's not realistic to expect anything from them earlier than that."

While McLaren may need to wait for updates from Honda, Alonso is excited about what changes the team can make to its MCL32 chassis in the coming races, with a big step due at the next race in Spain.

"From McLaren's side, yes, we'll have new parts in every race," Alonso said. "In Barcelona we should be a lot more competitive from the chassis side, in Monaco too and for Canada let's hope there's something coming from Honda, to help us move up the grid a bit more.

"So far nothing has changed, we're having difficult races and the results don't reflect the feeling we get inside the car or reward the good races we have done.

"I think I never drove as well as I'm driving this year, I keep saying that since Australia, but I haven't finished any race yet. I feel well with myself and can only wait for Honda to bring us a more competitive engine."

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