Prince Albert II has responded to the long-running suggestions that Monaco does not pay to host its Formula 1 race, saying it is "just a rumour".

The fees that circuits pay to host F1 has been a hot topic for a number of years amid difficulties for events such as Germany and Malaysia. All the while, Monaco has been rumoured to pay nothing to host its annual grand prix.

Speaking to the FIA's in-house publication Auto, Prince Albert rejected this as speculation, saying that Monaco gets no special treatment when it comes to hosting a race.

"That's just a rumour," the Monegasque monarch said. "Maybe the rights are less expensive than for other circuits, but there is a fee. Bernie Ecclestone was well aware what Monaco brought to Formula One, he said it himself, as do the sponsors and drivers.

"It's part of the negotiations with the ACM [Automobile Club de Monaco]. Bernie always took care of us, but he still made us pay what he reckoned was the right amount.

"I don't know all the figures and maybe it is less than for some other races, but you have to look at what the Monaco GP represents historically.

"We have not been favoured unduly and we pay what we have to pay."

As well as hosting the F1 race each May, Monaco preludes this by staging Formula E or the historic grand prix two weeks beforehand, alternating which is held each year. Prince Albert would like to see all three take place every year, but fears it would not logistically be viable.

"I'd rather we held all three events every year, but that's not possible," Prince Albert said. "Technically, it is complicated and running several events one after the other would put a lot of pressure on the volunteers."

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