Mark Webber believes that Jenson Button's one-off return to Formula 1 with McLaren for the Monaco Grand Prix is a "non story", saying he doubts the 2009 world champion is interested in coming back.

Button stepped away from full-time F1 duties at the end of last year, signing a two-year contract with McLaren to work as its brand ambassador and reserve driver.

When Fernando Alonso announced his shock decision to enter this year's Indianapolis 500 and skip Monaco, Button was drafted in by McLaren to take the seat for the race and partner Stoffel Vandoorne.

McLaren has spent much of the year either at the back of the grid or on the sidelines, with its Honda power unit offering a lack of both performance and reliability, making Button's comeback a non story in Webber's eyes.

"It's a non story," Webber said. "That's a non story, Jenson at Monaco.

"He goes out, has fuel pressure problems on practice one, qualifies 17th, race retires Lap 12. Whatever. Who cares.

"Jenson is a world champion. He's won Monaco. It's a story if he can win the race, but... to get some points, he'd be lucky.

"Who. Cares."

Button opted against taking part in the post-Bahrain Grand Prix test with McLaren, signalling to Webber that the Briton is not interested in returning at Monaco, where he will drive the MCL32 car for the first time.

"I think we saw with Jenson, he doesn't do any test in Bahrain," Webber said. "He doesn't take it so seriously. This is 'I want to stay in America and do my triathlon. I'm not bothered to do the Bahrain test' which to me was a surprise.

"So for Jenson, the first session in Monaco will be 'wakey-wakey'. I don't think he's very interested."

When asked by if Button wanted to race at all, Webber said: "I don't think he would have been first on the phone! Who else? Super licence, blah blah blah.

"But for sure Fernando was not worried about this. Sort that out, I'm going here!"

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