Romain Grosjean takes comfort in the consistent start that Haas has made to the 2017 Formula 1 season, believing the team to be more stable than last year.

Haas currently sits seventh in the F1 constructors' championship with eight points to its name, with Grosjean and team-mate Kevin Magnussen recording one top-10 finish apiece so far.

While Haas has made a slower start to the season than 2016, when it started life in F1 with a P5 and P6 finish in its first two races, Grosjean feels that the team has found greater consistency this year.

"Generally, if you look at the first three races, we've been really consistent, really good," Grosjean said.

"Sochi was a peculiar one. We struggled a little bit with the car. I struggled with my driving. We can analyze a lot from it. I don't think it's down to inconsistency, as it was last year, so I would say that I'm pretty pleased with the way we've started the year.

"I'm pleased with where the car is. We're usually on the border line for getting into Q3. Now the big question is what the updates are going to do? How much of an upgrade are we going to get compared to others?

"I believe we're on a good path, but you never know what the others are doing. It's going to be good to go to Barcelona and see the work we've done."

With Barcelona being one of the most traditional tracks on the F1 calendar and a regular host for test running, Grosjean believes it will be the perfect test to see just where Haas stacks up in the pecking order.

"Everyone knows Barcelona very well," Grosjean said. "It's good to judge which changes we've made and how much we've developed from winter testing to the race. I think Barcelona is going to be key in the season because it's the first big update for a lot of drivers and teams. That's where we need to see what we've done, and if it's good enough or if we want more."

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