Formula 1 CEO and chairman Chase Carey says there is no shortage of cities and countries who want to discuss hosting a grand prix, but stressed the importance of keeping the sport's existing locations strong.

Carey took over the day-to-day running of F1 back in January when Liberty Media completed its takeover of the sport, with previous ringmaster Bernie Ecclestone's 40-year reign coming to an end.

Liberty has already stated its desire to grow F1 in a number of new and important markets such as the United States and Asia, leading to a prediction that the calendar could be set to swell beyond its current 20 races.

Speaking in a conference call with investors, Carey admitted there was significant interest regarding possible new races, but added that Liberty has not yet defined just how many grands prix it would increase the schedule by.

"Probably our first focus is making the 21 races we have as strong as they can be," Carey said, accounting for the addition of Germany and France for 2018 and the loss of Malaysia.

"We talked about them being bigger events and maximizing things like hospitality. The high end customer is clearly more and more important at these live events. So we are we are focused on that.

"We have not really targeted a number of races. We know there's an opportunity to add them, but we want to engage more with teams before we get into the specifics. But we've been tremendously encouraged by the breadth of interest from around the world of locations that want a lot of races.

"On the one hand, probably the area of our business that's probably a bit more mature today is the promoters side, but the breadth of interest from locations that know what it takes to host a Formula 1 race, I could fill a page with the number of locations that have asked to meet and discuss the opportunity to host a Formula 1 race.

"So I think it speaks well to our ability to continue to take advantage of the global appetite for this sport and the excitement for this event and as we make the event, as we make the event better and improve the sport on the track, we think all those things just add fuel to each of those initiatives."



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