Felipe Massa has criticised former Ferrari team-mate Fernando Alonso for choosing to compete in the Indianapolis 500 whilst he is still committed to Formula 1.

Later this month Alonso will attempt to make history when he takes to the 'rolling grid' at the Indianapolis 'Brickyard' by debuting in the iconic oval race driving a McLaren-backed Andretti Autosport Honda.

Though the one-off deal has generated huge publicity on both sides of the Atlantic, it has nonetheless raised eyebrows amongst some F1 drivers because the Indy 500 appearance will come at the expense of racing in the Monaco Grand Prix.

For Massa, though he says he respects Alonso - whom he raced alongside at Ferrari for four seasons - for attempting the 'Triple Crown', he is unimpressed with the manner in which he is doing it.

"It's not correct," he said. "To be honest, I mean you stop... you're racing in the most important racing category in the world, with a big team, and then you're not doing Monaco race to do another championship race is not correct.

"For sure they have other reasons for that, and even Fernando and Honda or whatever... I mean I really respect Fernando for what he's doing, it's something that will be completely new for him, very challenging, but not correct.

"You can ask for whatever F1 team boss, in all the history, and if you stop a race in the championship you're doing and you're committed to do, that's not correct. But as I said, they have so many different reasons to do that."

Quizzed on whether he would ever consider a similar opportunity such as Le Mans, Massa says that while he was impressed with Nico Hulkenberg's appearance and win in 2015, he wouldn't replicate it.

"No, I will stay [in F1]. I am completely committed to what I'm doing, which is F1, to be in the best way, professional way, it would be correct to do or plan it to do in the right way."



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