The FIA has extended the DRS zone for the remainder of this weekend's Spanish Grand Prix, bringing the activation point forward by 100 metres for the main straight.

Despite facing a lot of criticism since its introduction in 2011, the Drag Reduction System (DRS) on each car has helped drivers to close on their opponents so far this year, aiding overtaking at tracks such as Australia and China.

The greater drag levels created by the wider cars and tyres for the 2017 season led to suggestions that the DRS zones could be extended at some circuits, with the first tweak being made in Spain on Saturday.

The FIA issued a revised circuit map that sees the DRS activation point for the main straight be brought forward 100m, now being just 57m after Turn 16 instead of 157m.

Sebastian Vettel was asked about the idea of increasing the length of DRS zones on Thursday, when he expressed his opposition to the idea.

"I don't think I'm in favour of increasing the DRS zones," Vettel said. "A couple of years ago when we introduced it to some races where it was way too easy, which was great when you were behind because you just sailed past, but that's not the idea of an overtake.

"I think we shouldn't get into a window again where it's artificial. It is difficult to pass but equally if you make it, which maybe sometimes you will, or somebody else will, then you should get credit for it, if you don't then you didn't make it."



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