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Carlos Sainz says there was nothing left to gain in his Toro Rosso after feeling as though he extracted every inch of performance during qualifying for the Spanish Grand Prix.

The Spaniard, who qualified 12th for tomorrow's 66 lap race, was left frustrated after reaching the limit of the STR12 and now facing the challenge of taking the fight to Haas and a Force India for a top ten finish.

Despite a slight extension to the DRS zone of 100 metres, overtaking around the Circuit de Catalunya is expected to remain a challenge for all drivers, and given the competitiveness of the midfield Sainz feels he will have his work cut out for him to keep rival teams behind.

"When you do two laps that are exactly the same, 21.3, 21.3, there's little that you can do to extract more from it," Sainz said after qualifying.

"I did exactly two copy and paste laps, I couldn't have done more. When you put things into perspective where your teammate is I'm convinced there's not one single tenth on that, so I'm pretty happy with what I did, now we need to make sure we start finding grip and start finding power.

With team-mate Daniil Kvyat qualifying last of all, Sainz remains optimistic he can can achieve a good result for the team in tomorrow's race as he'll have more freedom in tyre choice than those ahead.

"[The car] always feels better in race than in qualifying, at least on the stopwatch," he continued. "What happened is that we were three or four tenths ahead of Force India and Haas before qualifying and after qualifying we are two-tenths behind.

"Which has absolutely nothing to do with the car, we are suddenly two-tenths behind, so when it comes to qualifying they have something we don't have.

"My best qualifying, my best races have been here so yeah it's a good track. Normally it's fast for Toro Rosso but I've always done well here."


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