Lance Stroll has identified Williams' Achilles heel after a disappointing Spanish Grand Prix qualifying which saw him miss the Q2 cut for the second time this season.

The Canadian believes a mixture of track conditions and difficulty in tyre preparation has highlighted the weakness of the Williams FW40, as 18th position was the best the 18-year-old could achieve in qualifying.

While Stroll is yet to score points in the early stages of his career, he believes his confidence is growing each time he gets in the car which was demonstrated by reaching Q3 for the first time in China, his second race in Formula 1.

"I had a good session there [China] in qualifying, but since then it's been one of my better qualifyings," Stroll said.

"Qualifying was tough, especially in Q1. It looks like the team found performance in Q2 and Q3, but Q1 for both me and Felipe was very tricky with low-grip conditions.

"Obviously we know as a team that low grip is our weakness, for many reasons I don't need to go into depth about, but it's our difficulty and Q1 was very, very low grip and that's hard for us. We can't get the tyres working the way we want to or the tyres working the way we want to and that just adds up and affects lap time."

Starting on the penultimate row, Stroll concedes the race will be a tricky one to overtake rivals ahead given Williams' struggles with low grip tyres, but reckons the team could gamble on an alternate strategy to avoid getting stuck behind cars with a slower race pace.

"I think we're between one and two [stops], who knows? Three if the tyre doesn't work! But I think everyone knows the medium is quite slow.

"If you want to take that risk to two-stop it then be on the quicker tyre but have to overtake, and we know it's not easy to overtake, versus staying on that slow medium but you risk getting overtaken."



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