Formula 1 bosses are keen to unify and standardise the new name and number displays on cars which have been introduced to make it easier for fans to recognise the drivers.

After a raft of rule changes introduced to make driver name and numbers visible on each each car the new designs were introduced at the Spanish Grand Prix with teams opting for different displays with varying reaction.

While the reception was generally positive Force India were slapped with a suspended fine of EUR25,000 for not making its names and numbers 'clearly visible' on its VJM10 cars which are running a sponsorship livery which has turned the car pink for 2017.

Speaking before the fine was handed out by the FIA, Force India deputy team principal Rob Fernley says the move for names and numbers was overdue but feels due to go ongoing sponsorship agreements a standardised size, design and location on cars should be settled upon.

"I think it's a good move from the FIA, probably overdue," Fernley said on Friday. "I think that perhaps some time out, when all the commercial agreements that we currently have, that's across all the teams, come to an end they should standardise where the numbers go and make sure everything is clear for everybody going forward.

"At this point I think you have to do the best you can with whatever you have from a commercial agreement and I think all of the teams have tried their very best to embrace it."

Wolff echoed Fernley's sentiments and says the reception of Mercedes' design was mixed within the German manufacturer and has supported the call for standardised formatting.

"It's trial and error. We played around with various designs," Wolff said. "Some of us like the look of it, some of us don't. We took a little bit off after FP1 and just have the number now. But with all aesthetics, it's mixed feelings."

"It's something that maybe should have happened earlier and hopefully they will make sure to standardise," Renault's Cyril Abiteboul added. "Just like in any other sport, where you know where to find the name and number of any player on the soccer field or anything.

"That's the sort of thing where you want to have a standard position, so as mentioned as soon as the sponsorship contracts are falling out you want to make sure to seize the opportunity, that window, to impose what it is should be."



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