Haas Formula 1 chief G?nther Steiner was pleased to see the stewards avoid giving out too many penalties during Sunday's Spanish Grand Prix, putting the clash between Kevin Magnussen and Daniil Kvyat down as a racing incident.

Despite a number of incidents between drivers through the race in Spain, the stewards only intervened once when they opted to hand Stoffel Vandoorne a three-place grid penalty for the next race in Monaco after his tangle with Felipe Massa.

Haas' hopes of a maiden double points finish in F1 were dashed when Magnussen collided with Daniil Kvyat late in the race, with the stewards deeming it to be a racing incident - a decision Steiner agreed with.

"I think it was just a racing accident," Steiner said. "I think Kevin just tried. When Ricciardo passed him on the blue flag, Kevin had to lift at the braking and lost a bit of momentum. Kvyat got him and Kevin just wanted to go past him again. I think it is just a racing accident. These things happen."

Kvyat was unimpressed by Magnussen's move, claiming over the radio that the Dane drove into him, but Steiner feels the radio complaints are normal regardless of the incident.

"That's what you have to say," Steiner said. "The messages on the screen, like [Carlos] Sainz saying 'he just drove into me'. He didn't, where should he go? In the pit lane with Sainz, where should Kevin go? If he moves to the left, he goes over the white line.

"I think it's fine. But as I said, everybody tries to shout as much as possible on the radio so race control looks at it and thinks they'll react. I think they look at it obviously and then they think what they need to do."

The FIA-appointed race stewards have softened their approach for 2017, taking a less trigger-happy approach to penalties, and Steiner believes this was good for the race in Spain.

"I saw the three places for Vandoorne, I didn't see that accident. I don't want to comment," Steiner said. "The other ones, I think it was the right decision. We want to see racing. If it is like all the time just penalties, it is getting racing decided.

"If it is not clear cut, for example with Kevin, why should he get a penalty? He is penalised already, he is out of the points. Kvyat didn't have any damage, no harm, no foul in my opinion. You have to evaluate that one as well.

"Why would you penalise Kevin even if Kvyat shouts? Then at the next race he's three places back for no good reason, he got his penalty by being out of the points. That's it. I think I'm pretty OK with their decisions.

"I think we need real racing. Sometimes one is happy and one is unhappy."



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