Daniel Ricciardo is optimistic Red Bull's latest upgrade for the RB13 will allow the team to pose a more significant threat towards Mercedes and Ferrari during the Monaco Grand Prix, particularly if he can make up further time through sheer 'confidence'.

The Australian scored his career first pole position with a faultless lap around the iconic street circuit last season and was on course for an almost certain win but for a bungled pit stop that ultimately dropped him behind Lewis Hamilton.

Twelve months on, Red Bull arrives in Monaco facing a sizeable deficit to Mercedes and Ferrari but around a venue better suited to the RB13. However, while Ricciardo - a podium winner last time out in Spain - is positive Red Bull has a good shot at closing the gap, the Australian only expects to be able to 'lean on them more' this weekend.

"We have some parts on the car, we had them in Barcelona, we saw it give us bits and pieces but not as much as we still desire and we have more this weekend -- more Monaco specific this weekend so hopefully that will give us more than it did a couple of weeks ago and give us a chance to start leaning on the front guys a bit more."

Nevertheless, Ricciardo believes the 'confidence' required to hustle the latest generation cars between the walls could also make a significant difference to his bid.

"I think this weekend is a chance if you put everything together in qualifying around here it can give you a good chunk of lap time. It is having a level of confidence around here which helps then we will see, see what happens after this weekend. This one's fun, looking forward to it."

"We will wait and see. Certainly looking back on last year there's a bit of unfinished business. I will do what I can. I definitely come here with good feelings, good vibes, the level of confidence is still high."

Touching upon last year's pit-stop bungle, Ricciardo jokes there were strict punishments put in place to ensure it doesn't happen again...

"They went to some old school spanking techniques with the big wooden blocks... cricket bats pretty much as we call it. Beyond that, the physical pain, there was certainly some... there was no physical pain for the record, not that I know of!"



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