Esteban Ocon concedes he put himself at a major disadvantage in qualifying for the Monaco Grand Prix after crashing his Force India in the final practice session.

Ocon left his Force India mechanics with a major repair job after clipping the inside wall and breaking the suspension during FP3, though he did get out in time before the end of Q1.

Forced to revert back to the VJM10's base setup as a result, the progress made in the practice sessions was lost along with the pace and Ocon was forced out of Q1 in 16th place.

"The team went together into my car to build it back and that was awesome to see, unfortunately when you do everything that quick all the details aren't on the car and I struggled with the performance because it wasn't the same as FP3 so it was compromised by my mistake in FP3," Ocon said.

"I was quick straight away in pace in FP1 and FP2, I was feeling good and this morning we improved the car a lot for FP3 and I was very, very confident and I probably pushed a bit too much. I had good pace, that lap I was going to finish in the top 10 for sure, it was probably not the moment to push 100 per cent.

"I touched the inside wall which I did many times this weekend, but this time it broke the suspension, after that I was a passenger and I just stopped in the wall. But hats off to the guys for bringing the car back which was a very nice effort."

Despite this, the 20-year-old sees opportunities in the race with two F1 veterans ahead of him from a starting position of 15th on the grid, and while a heavy impact may drop a driver's confidence, his FP3 crash was the first since the 2014 Macau F3 GP.

"It's my only off since the beginning of 2014 really. I didn't crash since then, in all categories in all cars, didn't put a wheel off since 2014," he continued.

"In the race anything can happen in a street race, we know that, I got two experienced drivers in front who are going to make their way up in the field, so if they open the way I'm fine."



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