Sauber Formula 1 technical director J?rg Zander says the team has the budget and personnel to compete with the sport's midfield runners as it continues to rebuild.

Sauber faced serious financial problems for a number of years before being taken over by Longbow Finance last summer, giving the team stability and the budget to hire staff.

Sauber has struggled towards the back of the grid in F1 in recent years, but Zander - a man with experience at better-funded manufacturer operations such as BMW, Audi, Toyota and Honda - is confident the pieces are in place for Sauber to move up the grid.

"I think we have actually quite a good budget, so we have all opportunity that you can find in other midfield teams to do a decent development and cover those development processes," Zander said.

"So, from that perspective, I think we are not too badly adjusted at all. The way I see Sauber is actually, from the point of talent level, actually quite good. We have very experienced people, people have a good talent, they are very competent.

"They have been in the sport for a long time, so I think you may want to look into the economic side of things, which are really decent but you have to look from a human resource point of view as well, what kind of quality level of human resource do you have available for your developments.

"I think Sauber is actually placed very well in that regard."


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