Haas Formula 1 owner Gene Haas says the luck that helped his eponymous team through its rookie season is now becoming "more normal", but feels there is still plenty of room for improvement in its operations.

Haas made its debut in F1 last year, scoring 29 points through its debut campaign with a best finish of fifth place in Bahrain.

The team only made the top 10 on five occasions, though, with a number of issues on its car - particularly its brakes - blighting its efforts, while Romain Grosjean finished as the team's only point scorer.

Haas has made a solid start to the 2017 season, picking up its first double-points finish in Monaco last weekend as Grosjean and new team-mate Kevin Magnussen both hit the points.

Looking back on his eponymous team's debut season, Haas admitted that he underestimated the challenge of entering F1, but took pleasure in the fact that the luck which carried the American outfit through its debut season is now becoming more normal.

"I really didn't know the depth of the technical challenges in Formula 1," Haas conceded. "Probably like most of the fans, they really don't know how complex these cars are, but it's intriguing, it's fun to get involved in it. We have great partners and I think we're doing OK.

"We were a little bit lucky last year and now our luck has got more normal, it's more normal luck that you typically have in racing so it's a challenge. It's very hard competing against all these teams, they're all very good at what they do."

While happy with his team's standing, Haas recognised there are areas in which there is still plenty to be learned, adding up to crucial time in races.

"We're weak in areas like tyre strategy and we're a little weak in our pit areas. We get caught behind cars that cost us positions," Haas said.

"All these little things that all add up to a tenth of a second. That's really where we lose a lot of time and I think that as we develop, we get better at that."



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