Fernando Alonso has given McLaren-Honda a timeframe of less than three months to return to its winning ways before he considers recommitting to the Woking outfit.

Alonso joined McLaren in 2015 excited by the Honda partnership as part of the Japanese engine manufacturer's high profile return to the sport following a six-year absence from the sport.

However, the three-year plan McLaren-Honda outlined to achieve winning results has failed, with McLaren now putting immense pressure on Honda to fix its reliability woes as well as increase the power performance.

It could come too late for Alonso though, who has once more reiterated a September deadline for his decision over whether to carry on with the team.

"We have to win. If we are winning before September or something like that, I will make a decision and I will stay," Alonso said on conditions of re-signing with the team.

"As I said many times, in F1 a third world championship is still my biggest priority. I think I developed my skills to drive F1 cars for the last 16 years, so it's the best thing that I can drive ... or the best car that I can drive is still Formula One.

"I want to win and during this project I wanted to be world champion and we are not in that position. So if you don't see things changing and you are not in a competitive position, maybe you change project. That's the only thing I can say now until I sit down with myself in September or October."

Not helping the situation is the fact Alonso isn't pleased that F1 could expand to 25 races a season, saying he will quit F1 if the sport does expand to 25 races

Having experienced more than a taste of IndyCar, and having a big appetite to race in Le Mans to complete the triple crown, Alonso has plenty of options outside of F1.

"I'm not afraid of the future, if I cannot succeed here and win the third world championship I still love motor racing and I will race in any series and I know that I can win in any series."




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