Ross Brawn has revealed a working group has been created with the intention of ensuring the next generation of F1 cars are easier to battle and overtake in, without diminishing their 'spectacular' aero benefits of quick lap times.

Speaking to the media ahead of the Canadian Grand Prix in his role as FOM Director of Motorsports, the multiple title-winning engineer and team principal says he is delighted to see the new generation of F1 chassis deliver a tight fight at the top between Mercedes and Ferrari, but admits the gap to the remainder of the field is a 'worry'.

Indeed, though the new chassis' concept have been well received by fans and drivers for their aggressive aesthetic and challenge behind the wheel, doubts have been raised over whether they can deliver exciting racing due to the increase in aerodynamic flexibility.

It is a concern that hasn't been lost on Brawn, who reveals a working group has been set up between FOM and the FIA to study the current generation of cars to ensure any rule evolution pushes it towards improving the on-track spectacle.

"We have been very fortunate we have had two teams battling out strongly at the front and I wouldn't like to claim any credit for that, it has just been good timing.

"There is a real recognition there needs to be work done to consolidate that for the future. There is a slightly worrying gap between the front and the middle of the field that we need to pay attention to. We are still starting to understand the behaviour of these cars to see with regards to how well they can race each other.

"We have just initiated an aerodynamic programme to have a look at the design of these cars to see what we can do in the future to make them more race-able, that is something we are doing with the FIA, starting our own research programme. I don't want to call it an overtaking working group because that is not what we are looking to do.

"We are looking to create a group that design cars presently and the future to make sure they are race-able because the feedback from the drivers is that it is difficult."

Though the move back towards more aerodynamic efficiency has been pinpointed as the reason for dull races after minimal overtakes in Russia and Monaco especially, Brawn denies that is the sole issue and scrapping it again isn't an option.

"We know we rely on the aero performance of the car... there is a slightly naive view that if we get rid of the aerodynamics then everything will be wonderful. Fact is they won't be as spectacular or as fast if you get rid of the aerodynamics, you are just putting on bigger tyres and hoping they will go as fast as they will.

"We need to retain the aero but we need to do it in a way that makes the cars more race-able, and we can't guess that we need to work to establish it.

"I don't think we are taking anything for granted. We are fortunate we have some great racing going on and we need to make sure we do that more consistently in the future."



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