Rubens Barrichello has suggested his former Ferrari team has looked back at its past performances to understand how to be fast again following its successful start to the 2017 Formula 1 season.

A decade after it celebrated its most recent drivers' world title with Kimi Raikkonen, Ferrari finds itself well positioned in the 2017 reckoning with Sebastian Vettel following three wins from the opening seven races.

Coming in the year F1 introduced revised technical regulations, former Ferrari driver Barrichello, who won 9 races with the team during its most successful period when Michael Schumacher clinched five straight titles between 2000 and 2004, says the team has gone back to its roots to rediscover what made it so dominant back then.

"It's almost like they had to repackage and go back a few years, to understand what made them fast when we were there. What made us fast was just the translation from the tunnel to the track. They would say: "ok, now you're going to have a little more entry speed in the corner," and it was amazing - how the hell did they know these things so well?

"The car did whatever they said. Because of a lack of testing, they knew the car was good and off they went. I you have the right group coming together, you can win."

Meanwhile, Barrichello says he is pleased to see Ross Brawn, his former team boss at Ferrari and Brawn GP, taking the helm in Formula 1 and is certain he will be a huge asset to the sport.

"I think he gets on with anyway and it's easy for him to talk to the right people and be more practical. I told him already, he should give me a pass for life, I don't need to ask. After 19 years I should have a pass for my life."



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