Daniil Kvyat says he had a private meeting with FIA race director Charlie Whiting and FIA President Jean Todt after his disastrous Canadian Grand Prix to clear the air and says those discussions will remain secret.

The Russian driver had a nightmare race in Montreal which unravelled on the formation lap when he failed to get away, before eventually pulling off and re-join the pack only to be handed a drive-through penalty for the incident.

However, it would get worse for Kvyat as the FIA Stewards gave him the incorrect penalty and had to double it up with a 10-second stop/go penalty which led to the Russian swearing over the team radio at the Stewards.

The final blow came when he eventually served his second penalty on lap 54 when an issue getting the tyres on his car meant his engine would overheat and force him into retirement.

Heading into the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, Kvyat is keen to put the hellish incidents behind him and says after private talks with Whiting and Todt all parties want to leave the flashpoints in the past.

"With the double penalty we spoke behind closed doors after the race with Charlie Whiting and Jean Todt and it was very straightforward," Kvyat said. "Everyone said their opinion and everyone understood perfectly and the end of that conversation was very positive.

"Everything has been said on that matter so it is clear."

Kvyat also locked horns with Toro Rosso team-mate Carlos Sainz after qualifying after the pair tussled over tows on the long Circuit Gilles Villeneuve straights.

The 23-year-old says that separate matter was also cleared up in post-race team briefings and is keen to keep what was said private.

"Regarding the other matter, everything has been said already and everything will be tried to keep it inside the house," he said. "That is what I hope from my side at least."


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