Felipe Massa believes Carlos Sainz got off lightly for causing their collision on the opening lap of the Canadian Grand Prix and feels the FIA needs to step in to make changes before a 'big accident'.

Sainz blamed his mirrors for not seeing Romain Grosjean in the opening lap tussles for position in Montreal, as the Toro Rosso driver clipped wheels with the Haas driver and was sent into a spin. The Spaniard collected the luckless Massa to send both cars out on the spot.

Sainz picked up a post-race three-place grid penalty for the next race in Baku but Massa feels for the scale of the accident the Toro Rosso driver's punishment didn't fit the crime.

"It looked quite dangerous when it happened. I was unlucky to be out of the race that way," Massa said. "I spoke to Carlos straight after as I had no idea what happened and he said he was completely sideways before the gravel because somebody had touched him already. That's what he told me.

"Then when I saw it after I saw that he started it which is a shame. I don't think it is so different what he did to what Grosjean did and Carlos only lost three places on the start [for Azerbaijan GP]."

Massa has compared Sainz's move to Grosjean's infamous crash at the start of the 2012 Belgian Grand Prix, when he caused a multiple-car pile-up at La Source and became airborne narrowly missing Fernando Alonso in his Ferrari, and feels the FIA needs to ramp up penalties in order to avoid similar incidents.

"I remember when Grosjean was picked up for his dangerous manoeuvres so they told him to stay at home for one race," he said. "Maybe they need to be strong again. Fortunately, nothing happened but it could have been a big accident and I think if we did have a big accident the penalty would have been different which is not correct.

"I think it is not enough. We've seen so many people get three-place grid penalties for doing very little things and then you do a more dangerous thing and you still have three places. It is inconsistent."

Massa has also dismissed Sainz's mirror excuse and wants the FIA to take action to make F1 safer with the new cars.

It is the second reported incident where mirrors were blamed for not seeing another car after Jenson Button collided with Pascal Wehrlein, leaving the Sauber on its side during the Monaco Grand Prix.

"The mirrors might also be an issue and if they are they need to change. I think the FIA need to do an investigation and if someone can't be seen then they can't race with those mirrors, they need to change the mirrors. Mirrors are so important for safety."



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