The FIA has replaced the kerb on the inside of Turn 8 with a painted version following driver concerns after Friday free practice.

The tight left-to-right hander caught several drivers out throughout Friday practice, with Force India's Sergio Perez suffering a sizeable shunt after riding the kerbing too hard to spear into the barrier.

Jolyon Palmer was another casualty in FP2 when he pushed too hard and got his braking wrong, putting his Renault into the TecPro barriers.

"The kerb on the apex of turn 8 has been shortened and the track edge re-aligned," a statement from the FIA read.

"One additional row of TecPro barriers have been inserted on the first part or the barrier on the exit of Turn 8 (not the last part)."

The change comes after Perez suggested that the kerbing was too high and too difficult for drivers to ride.

While the tight complex provides a tough challenge, the kerbing ensured drivers had to find their own line through the corner, as different teams can ride kerbs better than others.

"I was watching for 40 minutes and there was quite a lot of differences [in driving lines], but I think it depends on the car to be honest," Palmer said.

"The more you cut the quicker you go, but some cars you can't cut with because it will launch you into the wall. So that's where compliance is pretty important."



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