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Daniel Ricciardo says he cannot do anything more than savour the 'crazy' circumstances that led to an unexpected fifth F1 career win in the Azerbaijan Grand Prix as drama for those around him cleared a path for him to go from 17th to the top of the podium.

Despite the Red Bull RB13 demonstrating keen pace during free practice, a crash in the final phase of qualifying meant Ricciardo's hopes of even a podium appeared scant from tenth on the grid, expectations that dipped further just six laps into the race when he was forced to pit to remove debris overheating his brakes.

Running 17th at one stage, Ricciardo was nonetheless already picking up positions when a trio of consecutive safety car periods offered opportunities to overtake at the restart, before various shunts around him continued to remove others from contention.

Critically getting past both Williams' at the restart following the red flag to now run third, Lewis Hamilton's headrest issue and Sebastian Vettel's stop-go penalty would simply elevate him into a lead he'd hold to the chequered flag.

A bewildering result for the Australian given his early struggles, though he admits his five wins - 2014 Canada, 2014 Hungary, 2014 Belgium, 2016 Malaysia - have been achieved fortuitously, he says it is no less rewarding.

"I think I have been pretty fortunate to have a few victories but obviously they have come under pretty crazy circumstances but especially today was crazy.

"We haven't necessarily been the quickest car on track all weekend but we needed to capitalise on our opportunities and we certainly capitalised on the restarts today - on all the restarts I was able to gain at least one position today and then we had some fortune with Lewis and his loose headrest so he had to box and then Vettel had his penalty...

"Once they had the penalties and whatever was going on, I believed I could win but you never know until it is the end but for sure I believed the race was in my hands.

"I kind of understood the lap times the other guys were doing around me and the gap I had so I was trying to be consistent with the times I could do more or less. Just trying to manage those times and get it to the finish.

"I was crazy, so much going on but it was fun. It was fun to be in the battle for the most part, towards the end once I got the lead I tried to keep the lap times good. I knew if I kept that rhythm it would have been enough to win. Very happy."



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