Kimi Raikkonen has criticised Valtteri Bottas for their second first lap clash of the season in the Azerbaijan Grand Prix after accusing his fellow Finn of 'braking too early' again

The countrymen came together on the opening lap at Turn 2, after Raikkonen attempted a pass on Bottas on the outside of the corner. Bottas took extra kerb at the left-hander, but in doing so, launched his car over the kerb and ran into the side of the Ferrari.

The incident was investigated by the race stewards, however they found that no driver was fully to blame for the collision. Despite the ruling, both drivers remain at odds with each other about the accident.

"From my side, I was on the inside, he was on the outside, he did brake later and he was kind of ahead but I was on the inside" Bottas said after the race after going on to recover to second.

"Normally if you're inside you have the line. He was turning into the corner in a way that, for me, there was nowhere else to go other than over the kerb, and for me it was not an option to back off at that point. I just went over the kerb, bottomed out and the car jumped and hit him. I got a puncture... I don't know, really. I need to have a bit of a look on the videos and stuff, review it a bit more, but for me there was not the option to back off."

Raikkonen had a different view on the collision, and laid full blame on his fellow countryman for getting his braking point wrong, a criticism that led to their clash at the start of the Spanish Grand Prix too.

"I think he braked too early, again, and then you know the story," the Finn said.

"He braked too early, and realised that, I went on the outside, it was fine, and then suddenly I got it on the side. I think he noticed he braked too early and let the brakes go, and then went into it way too fast and came into me. I think it was completely his fault, so... nothing. I paid the price."



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