Sebastian Vettel says he will approach Lewis Hamilton for clear the air talks following their coming together in an ill-tempered Azerbaijan Grand Prix, though the Mercedes driver insists he isn't interested in a dicussion.

The German was handed a stop-go penalty during the Baku race for appearing to deliberately clash wheels with Hamilton under the safety car in reaction to his title rival slowing unexpectedly ahead.

With Vettel incensed at being penalised whilst Hamilton escaped punishment, the German - who went on to finish ahead of his rival in fourth position - didn't explicitly accept fault for the so-called 'road rage' incident

Nevertheless, he says he will get in contact with Hamilton in an attempt to smooth relations between the pair.

"I don't have a problem with him. I can see where you are trying to get it but I respect him a lot for the driver that he is. Now is not the right time to talk as you are all around so I think I will do that just with him and clear it and move on."

However, having maintained a good-natured relationship with Vettel up to this point, Hamilton says he has no interest in hearing what the Ferrari driver has to say.

"Firstly, he doesn't have my number! [laughs]. For me I'm just going to do my talking on the track, that's most important for me. I've heard what he said after the race and it seems kind of... I've not come out of the race and pointed the finger or said anything necessarily, it is what it is, it happened.

"It happened and I don't think it was right but the biggest thing for me is that I lost the race through the headrest issue, so... All I'm thinking of is getting my head together and I want to kill it in the last 12 races, I want to win the next 12 races."

Hamilton was forced to cede a comfortable lead after his headrest became loose and he was forced to pit to re-fix it. As a result, Vettel finished ahead of him, increasing his lead in the standings to 14 points.



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