Carlos Sainz Jr. says there are "no bad feelings" with Toro Rosso Formula 1 team-mate Daniil Kvyat after being forced into a spin on the first lap of the Azerbaijan Grand Prix in order to avoid contact.

Kvyat ran wide at Turn 1 in Baku and came back onto the track towards Sainz, with the Spaniard spinning his car to prevent a crash.

Sainz fumed on the radio at the time about Kvyat's move, but was calmer after the race, saying there was no ill-feeling towards the Russian.

"He obviously ran wide at Turn 1 and he was coming back crazy fast. Obviously in my position I would have come back as quick as him," Sainz said.

"But it's just in a millisecond I just had to decide to either keep going and crash into him or force the steering wheel a bit more risking the spin as I did.

"At the point my mind decided to take avoiding action, to not touch him and force myself into a spin - one of those race situations, race incidents which sometimes just happen.

"As I said no bad feelings with him. He probably would have done the same."

Sainz battled back from the spin to finish the race eighth for Toro Rosso, coming at the end of a trying weekend that saw him struggle to break into the top 10 for much of the running.

"It's been probably the most difficult weekend up until now," Sainz said. "I have not been too comfortable with the car since Friday. I obviously worked around it.

"I got to a point in qualifying where I was actually getting there, putting good sectors together, but never putting a good lap together just because of a matter of feeling, a matter of confidence with the car around here.

"Luckily we have been investigating since yesterday and we found a couple of things in the car that weren't right."



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