Daniel Ricciardo has advised former team-mate Sebastian Vettel to 'think before he acts' following his controversial fall out with Lewis Hamilton at the Azerbaijan Grand Prix, adding the Mercedes driver was at no fault.

The pair collided initially on lap 19 as Hamilton bunched the pack up ahead of the safety car restart, which in turn caught Vettel out and saw him run into the back of the Mercedes at turn 15. Angered by the incident, Vettel pulled alongside Hamilton and appeared to steer towards the Mercedes driver which caused the pair to clash wheels.

The incident was investigated by the race stewards, after a chaotic red flag stoppage, and Vettel was handed a 10-second stop and go penalty.

That, coupled to an unscheduled stop for Hamilton to fix a loose headrest, would see Ricciardo scythe through to claim his and Red Bull's first win of the season.

A former team-mate of Vettel's, Ricciardo wasn't impressed with the German's outburst, suggesting he needs to 'put a lid on in sometimes'.

"Seb probably sometimes doesn't think before he acts," Ricciardo told the BBC. "It's probably driven through passion and hunger. He's kind of just got to put a lid on it sometimes.

"I respect Seb a lot for his grit and his love for the sport, which turns into a lot of passion and sometimes aggression. I respect and like that about him."

"But you have seen... whether it's over the radio, sometimes he will just go crazy. It is probably - what's the word? - spur of the moment? There's a better word."

Ricciardo also jumped to the defence of Hamilton - whom Vettel accused of brake-testing him -, saying he is within his rights to dictate the pace as he sees fit.

"Look, whether Lewis slowed down or not, he has every right to dictate the pace. He's the leader, and it was too early for him to accelerate. You're not going to make the restart out of Turn 15. Seb was probably just a little bit over-excited."

It is not the first time Ricciardo has criticised Vettel's inflammatory reactions to on-track incidents, after an altercation between themselves and Max Verstappen in the Mexico Grand Prix, which led to an expletive-laden outburst towards FIA Race Director Charlie Whiting.



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