Sebastian Vettel has called on Lewis Hamilton to 'race as grown-ups' after their clash in Baku having felt aggrieved by his Formula 1 world title rival's tactics behind the safety car.

The Azerbaijan Grand Prix sparked into controversy on lap 19 just before a safety car restart when Hamilton backed the pack up which appeared to catch Vettel out as hit ran into the back of the Mercedes driver.

Vettel showed his anger at the manoeuvre - claiming he felt Hamilton was brake checking him - by pulling alongside his rival to gesture at him before seeming to bash wheels.

After the FIA confirmed Hamilton was driving in the appropriate manner having checked his data at the flashpoint Vettel has since come in for criticism having been slapped with a 10-second stop and go penalty for 'dangerous driving'.

Speaking immediately after the race, Vettel appeared to dismiss he'd run into Hamilton intentionally after their initial clash and felt both he and Hamilton needed to show maturity to discuss the issue before moving on in Austria in two weeks time.

"I think Formula 1 is for grown-ups," Vettel said. "As I said before the manoeuvre before was not necessary which damaged my front wing, and damaged his rear a little bit, so I think it was not the right way to do it exiting the corner.

"We are here to race and we are all grown-ups. People expect us to race and use our elbows, that is what people want."

"I think here and there it might get a bit close but people want real overtaking not just us going past so after that I had a handful of passes. I enjoyed the race but I don't think it was right that I got a penalty and he didn't."

Hamilton feels Vettel must become a better example to younger drivers aspiring to reach the heights of F1 as the pair are seen as leading lights with seven world titles between them.

Vettel says he will call Hamilton to talk about the incident, while Hamilton has joked the German driver doesn't have his number, as tensions boil over after a relatively amicable rivalry between the pair in the hunt for the 2017 F1 world title.



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