Lewis Hamilton says he would relish switching to NASCAR 'in the future' but reiterated his sole focus on Formula 1 and his hunt for race wins and world titles.

The Mercedes driver has frequently expressed his passion for other motorsport series outside of F1, including MotoGP and NASCAR, and feels if the opportunity and situation would be right he would be thrilled to 'have a closer look' and try his hand at NASCAR.

Hamilton is currently involved in an intense tussle with Sebastian Vettel at the top of the Formula 1 world championship standings with their battle coming to a head in Baku where the pair clashed on track which has sparked an FIA investigation to be heard this week.

The British driver has repeated his sentiment that he is purely concentrating on his current F1 charge as he hunts a fourth world championship.

"NASCAR is a really cool series and maybe sometime in the future I'd love to have a closer look at it," Hamilton said. "Right now I'm solely focused on Formula One and achieving more wins and Championships so I need to be on my very best form without distraction.

"Formula One is the pinnacle of motorsport and although I admire all those racing in Indy 500, it's not in my game plan to drop F1 for anything else."

Hamilton trails Vettel by 14 points heading into the Austrian Grand Prix at the top of F1 standings with the Spielberg circuit hosting the first return to action since their clash in Baku.


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