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Romain Grosjean says Haas is currently investigating why his car lost power and went into anti-stall mode during Q3 of qualifying but early inspections point to a loose electric cable connection.

The Haas driver had been in strong contention behind the top three teams of Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull by taking a provisional seventh place after the opening laps of Q3.

After pitting for a final set of ultra-soft tyres, Grosjean's engineers immediately flagged up an engine issue and asked him to ease off on his out lap but without warning his VF17 jumped into anti-stall mode which meant he was stranded going uphill on the exit of turn three.

Grosjean was disappointed to see an early end to his qualifying, despite the yellow flags thrown out for his stricken car denying the chance of anyone else improving, but has described the issue as 'nothing too crazy'.

"We went out on new tyres and then had driveability issues," Grosjean told Sky Sports F1 TV. "We did some switches in the car but after the first corner the guys asked me to slow down and then I completely lost control of the gearbox and the clutch with the car going into anti-stall in the hairpin so I couldn't go anywhere so I had to stop the car.

"It is still only 26 or 27 Grand Prix in for the team so there are still a lot of things they are learning. I believe we should be fine, it was just an electric connector that got disconnected, nothing too crazy."

Haas suffered a double mechanical failure in qualifying after Kevin Magnussen's rear suspension broke at the end of Q1 and despite making it through to Q2 he starts 15th after being unable to set a time.

"I don't know what happened to Kevin but that was a shame with the suspension problem as he has been very fast all weekend," he said. "We were emulating each other to go faster and faster and it shows with this result when we get everything to work properly it goes well."



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