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Sebastian Vettel says despite being shown the race start telemetry of Valtteri Bottas he still believes the Mercedes driver jumped the start of the Austrian Grand Prix.

The Ferrari driver, who ended the race second to Bottas by just 0.6s, immediately accused the Finnish driver on pole for jump starting over his team radio while the FIA race stewards launched an investigation.

After assessing a slow-motion video replay of the start plus Bottas's car data it was recorded his reaction time was 0.201s, with the rough legal reaction time for F1 drives pegged at 0.2s, but Vettel rejected the information and accused his rival of a jump start which he feels disrupted his own race start.

"I was a bit distracted as from my point of view he jumped the start," Vettel said. "I was sure that he did. It looked like it from inside the car but it is not for me to judge at the end of the day. I don't believe that."

When pressed further on why he didn't believe the data given to him, Vettel says the difference in reaction time between Bottas and the rest of the F1 field was unnatural and therefore an unfair advantage.

"I don't believe it because I don't believe it... I think the reaction time is around 0.2s for everyone and I don't think that everyone is that much slower," he said. "That is why I don't think Valtteri is that much quicker than us.

"I was a strong believer at the time that he jumped the start but I am guessing there is reason to believe he didn't. I can't imagine his reaction time was 0.2s that would not be normal."

Bottas has closed the gap on Vettel in the F1 world championship standings to 35 points while he is 15 points off of second place driver and Mercedes team-mate Lewis Hamilton.



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